Read your email from a Web Browser

Login here to Manage your email account

To change your mailbox password, forward your E-mail to another address, or create and enable an autoreply vacation message:
  • Enter your User Account (i.e. firstname_lastname)
  • Enter Your domain the Domain Name
  • Enter your mailbox password
  • Click on the Login button
Spam and virus controls

To setup your local machine to use Pop to pickup email:

Setup your email client for:
  • Pop server:
  • Username:*
  • Password: Check with Joyce to get the initial one
  • Change your password using 'Manage your account' above.

* Further Notes about pop pickup setup:
Netscape Mail users need to use the following format for their user name when popping in:

Eudora might require the following syntax:

Microsoft clients may take the following syntax: